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We TRANSPOWER INDUSTRIES are one of the leading manufacturers, of CONTROL TRANSFORMERS, LT TRANSFORMERS (DRY TYPE) LT TRANSFORMERS (ONAN). Organised professionally since 18 years. our involvement has been trusted as a specialied partner in Design, Development, Manufacturing and Supply of sophisticated Transformers, required for various types of project works. Our 18 years old company is located in Peenya. Headed by Mr. Gopal and Engineering graduste (Electrical) from M.S. Ramaiha College of Engineering having more than two decade of years of experience in design / testing of various types of transformers. He was with Sugna country Developing and Equipments Private as deputy Engineer and has a complete knowledge about transformers.  Having a team of highly motivated winders and assemblers with more than ten years of experience in the field of transformer manufacturing Transpower Industries is recognized to be the most trusted and reliable partner in Transformer manufacturing.


The promoter Mr. Gopal is an Engineering Graduate B.E (Electrical) having more than two decade years of experience in design, testing of transformers. Earlier he was working with Sugma Controls and Equipments Pvt.Ltd, a leading Transformer manufacturer as incharge of testing section and has through knowledge about the transformers.

We have a team of highly motivated winders and assemblers with more than ten years of experience in the field of transformer manufacturing. Our products are custom built and manufactured as per customers specification. We manufacture products in accordance with BS AND IS SPECIFICATIONS.

We manufacture
Control transformers ranging from the smallest to biggest (upto 400 KVA in dry type) and oil cooled upto 600KVA distribution 11 KV class, Inductor Filter choke for
Thyristor controlled & Diode Rectifier Circuits
Battery charges
Energy saving system
Power distribution system

In our constant Endeavour to improve the quality and maintain the interest of our clients Adding strength to our work force we have dedicated Technical staff from Engineers of B.E. (Electrical), Diploma Engineers of D.E. (Electrical), Foreman with ITI in Electrical. Backed with a dedicated and hardworking nontechnical staff consisting of Supervisors, Winders, Assemblers, Semi-skilled staff, Helpers and office staffs.


Our products are well accepted in the market and we manufacture transformers as per customers requirement. We have all in-house testing, designing & development facilities and our products meets the ISO Specification. We are in the process of ISO Certification.

Our Product range:


Dry Type Transformers Double Wound
Single Phase upto 250 KVA
Three Phase Upto 500KVA
Dry Type Auto Transformers Single Phase Upto 500KVA
Dry Type Auto Transformers Three Phase Upto 500KVA
Oil Cool Transformers Single Phase Upto 500KVA
Oil Cool Transformers Three Phase Upto 500KVA
Distribution Transformers (ONAN) Upto 600KVA / 11KV




  • Thyristor controlled & Diode Rectifier Circuits

  • Electromagnets

  • Battery Charges

  • Energy Saving System

  • Power Distribution System

  • UPS

  • Filter Choke for Rectifier

  • Filter Chokes for UPS

Inductor as per Customer Specification.




Manufacturing Facilities at our unit:

  • Power Winding Machine - LT Radicon 1992 Make

  • Power Winding Machine HT Radicon 2002

  • Automatic Winding Machine Century 2006

  • CNe Winding Machine Vector 2008

  • Motorised Winding Machine Juki 2006

  • Vaccum Impregating Chamber Canara Engineering 1992

  • Heating Oven THERMO - THERM 1996

  • Drilling Machine NAGA 1992

  • Grinding Machine Hitachi 1994

  • Hand Grinding Machine Hitachi 1994

  • Bench Grinding Machine Naga 1996

  • Peddle Sharing - 4Ft Excel 1996

  • Peddle Sharing - 2Ft Excel 1998

  • Compressor Metro 2002

  • Welding Machine Ace-Tech 2004

  • Hand Sharing Machine Naga 2006


Our Quality Assurance:

  • Our Products meets the requirements of Indian standards. Transformer confirms to IS2026 & IS 11171.
    We have In-house facilities to conduct test as per IS.

  • Calibrated Testing and Measuring Instruments.

  • Quality checks and testing are carried out for all items.

  • Test-report will be provided. for the item dispatched.

  • We utilize the facilities of Testing Laboratories E.T.D.C. and C.P.R.I. for SPecialized test like:
    Regulation test at various percentages of Load at different P.F.

  • Our transformers incorporate high quality raw material process under strict quality control.

  • We insist on test certificate for the input Raw material.

  • Periodically tests are conducted on raw materials to assertion the quality.


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